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know us

The S P A C E_I N V A D E R_S O C I A L _C L U B
is a crew of artists, professionals, boat captains, space doctors, groove machines + extraterrestrials gathering in New York City, invading beautiful + unique spaces to bond, adventure, expand, and live it up on this lonely planet via bizarre immersive experiences, tasty mixers, and grooves of that ilk.

We’re bringing back the spirit of Studio 54, the zaniness of PeeWee’s Playhouse, the vibes of a wild house party full of Andy Warhol’s wet dreams, and the jokes your dad might tell on a road trip.

We are an inclusive, women-led collective that strives to infuse this humdrum world with luxurious surrealism, joyful sarcasm, jokes that go on waaaay too long, and artfully high concept/lowbrow experiences.

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give us ur ears

a sampling of our playlists from parties past for yr aural enjoyment

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Wanna get mixed up in this wild intergalactic road trip?

b e a m i n g ⚡️u p
⚡️you're o-fficially in the loop, bb.
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have big party dreams?
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